Windsong Villa, Aruba

Oceanfront Villa and Guest Cottage with pool at one of the top beaches in Aruba !

The Windsong villa and guest cottage, situated in the heart of the Mangel Halto beach area, is a secret paradise mostly known by the locals, where your inspirational and relaxing vacation begins.

With this beachfront villa and cottage, we offer more than the luxury of a boutique  hotel: you will get a real taste of the amazing Aruba’s vibe, some of the best food on the island, and the best snorkeling and diving spot right in front of the house.

Art residencies and Classes 

The Windsong villa and cottage, offers a few weeks per year artist residencies for local and international artists. If you are an artist, a designer, a builder, and you would like to share your art with us, you can apply for a residency or a special rate. 

We also encourage the PlayArts Education Program so every Wednesday in front of the Windsong,  at 3 pm, we offer Free Papamiento Classes to whoever shows up (small groups only), including the students of the PlayArts House of Mangel Halto .

Join in, we accept students of all age. (Suggestion donation of 20 afl/USD)

The beach of Mangel Halto is the hangout of the locals during the weekend and is definitely the new trendy hidden spot to travel to. The luxurious but yet affordable three bedrooms oceanfront villa and 1 bedroom cottage is surrounded by a nice pool, a jacuzzi, a palapa, different sitting areas with or no shades, a luscious garden, a mango tree, and most importantly, a cool community. All with the comfort of a cool boutique hotel at a reasonable price. (Rates starting from $120 USD for the cottage and $350 USD for the villa).

Whatever you can expect from a great vacation, whether it’s total comfort, luxury, a good local vibe, a perfect location on the island, the best snorkeling spot, amazing sunsets or a constant charming weather, we are absolutely confident that you will experience it here.


With Airbnb
VILLA (starting at 350$USD)
COTTAGE (starting at 120$ USD)

Or with us directly with a possible discount:
Booking and owner in training
Sophie Berube: or
Phone or Whatsapp: +1 514-234-6928

Property manager on site:

Gustavo Patino and wife Yinelis
Whatsapp or phone: +11 297-732-1894

PRICES may vary depending on the season and duration of stay.

Simply the best location on the happy island