Windsong Villa, Aruba

Oceanfront Villa and Guest Cottage on the Shore of the Carribbean
Located on the gentle leeward west coast of Aruba at Mangel Halto, overlooking the Spanish Lagoon where the surf quietly surges upon the protective reef.

The villa is a few feet back from the shore and 50 metres to a sandy beach and a safe swimming area. It is a choice site for snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking.

Offshore pelicans dive for fish, kayaks pass, fishing boats go through a passage in the reef, and freighters pass, in the distance. Here children play, snorkelers gaze at fish, and scuba divers head out to the coral reef.



Owners: Michael & Lois Brown (

Mid November to May: 011 297 585 2402
May to November: 001 705 687 4689

Property manager: Juan Williams (

Telephone numbers: 011 297 588 2522, 011 297 292 6053